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                                                  A BIKERS VISION
Who is the  OL REB , since the age of 9 motorcycles have been my passion,learning on an old aircraft landing strip,my Dad taught me how,and from there i was free.  in 1989 i  reorganized OAHE CHAPTER OF ABATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA.  First i was President then State Rep. I was President of my own club  CAHOOTS BROTHERS M.C. still recognized to this day by the national coalition of motorcyclists.in 1990 i joined the MRF and was State  Rep for all of SOUTH DAKOTA for that year. i was an MRF MEMBER for five years total.  after doing all of this, in 2008  i decided that it  is time for a final run and that run is what is now known as the RIDE OR DIE BROTHERHOOD. My dream to form a organization dedicated to AMERICAN FREEDOM. Well im here to tell you we are on our way and its a ride that's bigger than all of us. IT is old school and i wouldn't have it any other way. TO JOIN CALL 605-716-5133
     If you have honor.
If you have principles.
If you LIVE by your principles and if you refuse to change them or give them up because they "offend" some one, YOU WILL HAVE ENEMIES. That is a fact, and you should carry it as a badge of honor.

Stick to your principles. Love those who admire you for your principles, forgive and forget those who hate you for them.
                BORN READY///// ALWAYS ON THE WATCH

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